Has A Very Questionable Solution

, , , | Right | June 11, 2017

(I work at a store where everything rings up at full price until I total it all. Then, the sales prices are used. A customer kept comparing her list to what I had on the screen and claiming it wasn’t matching up. I had a very long line of customers and was doing my best to assure her she was getting the best sales on all of her items. The customer behind her was an old man. I started to ring out his cart.)

Customer: “What was she asking you all of those questions for?”

Me: “Well, our sales prices don’t show up until I hit the total button, so she was confused when everything rang up full price.”

Customer: “Did she need to take up ten minutes comparing? Jesus, we should take everyone who asks questions, gather ’em up, and just SHOOT ‘EM!”

Me: *looks extremely uncomfortable and continues scanning*

Customer: “RIGHT?”

Me: *still continues scanning and doesn’t look up*

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