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Has A Heady Partner

| Romantic | April 30, 2014

(My boyfriend and I are both somewhat antisocial and usually only spend time with each other. Lately, however, he’s been coming out of his shell a bit and making friends with some of his coworkers. I’m supportive of this endeavor, but he occasionally gets an insecure streak.)

Boyfriend: *nervously* “So… I was thinking… I kind of want to ask [New Friend] over to my place to play video games Thursday, but I was worried that you’d be mad or offended or something, and think I don’t want to spend time with you anymore.”

Me: *surprised* “Who IS this [My Name] who lives in your head? She sounds like a jealous, needy b****.”

Boyfriend: “So you don’t mind?”

Me: “Of course I don’t! I’m GLAD you’re making friends! I enjoy gaming sometimes, but not as often as you do. If you’ve got someone else to shoot zombies with, then I don’t have to feel bad when I’m not in the mood to.”

Boyfriend: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Seriously. Invite [New Friend] over. Have fun!  And tell that [My Name] in your head to chill and stop making drama out of nothing. She’s making the real [My Name] look bad.”

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