Has A (Drinking) Problem With You

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(I am pregnant with my first daughter. My husband and I attend prenatal classes. For reasons that I never figure out, the instructor takes a strong dislike to me. She glares at me for no apparent reason, looks pointedly at the clock when I arrive even though I am five minutes early for the class, and ignores me when I have a question.)

Instructor: “Any questions?”

Attendee: “Is it a good idea to take a birth plan with you to the hospital?”

Instructor: “Good question!” *gives answer* “Anyone else?”

Me: “I’ve heard that you shouldn’t drink alcohol at all during pregnancy. Is that true?”

Instructor: *gives me a nasty look* “I’ll answer that one after I’ve taken a few more questions.” *later* “Okay, [My Name], about your drinking problem…”

Me: “…”

(For the record, I didn’t touch a drop during my two pregnancies.)

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