Has A (Com)Plain Agenda

| Right | January 28, 2013

(I work at a small art house cinema. I am standing at the podium ripping tickets when an older man approaches me and immediately begins yelling at me.)

Customer: “How am I supposed to know what’s showing? There’s no information anywhere!”

(I point to the big red electronic sign above the counter.)

Me: “All of the movies showing tonight are displayed up there, sir.”

(The customer looks up and points at an abbreviated title.)

Customer: “That useless! What’s Lord of the Ri supposed to be? How am I supposed to know what that is!?!”

Me: “Sorry, sir, we also have these printed schedules which include the full movie titles and all the times showing this week.”

Customer: “Well, what good is that?! I want to know what the films are about and it doesn’t tell me anywhere! You seriously need to do something about this!”

Me: “The schedules include a brief synopsis, and there are also more detailed descriptions displayed on that board over there.”

Customer: “Well, that’s no good to me! What about the films that are coming soon?”

Me: “There are posters all around the foyer here with that information. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

(The man launches in to a tirade about god knows what and I have work to do, so I take the opportunity to disappear through the crowd. To my dismay, I turn around a few seconds later to find him right behind me, and at this point he continues yelling.)


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