Has A Broad Definition Of Fraud

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I am a customer in a grocery store. There is another customer behind me. The cashier has finished ringing my order.

Cashier: “That’s $45.78.”

Me: *Motions to the card reader* “The card is in, waiting for you.”

Cashier: “Oops. I even saw that you put it in and still didn’t move on. Okay, there we are.”

I enter the incorrect PIN, which I realize just as I hit enter.

Me: “Darn it! I just entered the wrong PIN.”

Cashier: “No problem, take your card out and let me reset—”

Other Customer: “Oh, my God! Are you really going to let her do that?”

Cashier: “Do what, sir?”

Other Customer: “It’s clearly fraud. Or she hasn’t got money in the account. Get her out of here and ring my stuff.”

He starts pushing his items closer to the scanner.

Cashier: “Just a second, sir. I need to finish this order first.”

The machine is now ready for my PIN. I enter it correctly this time.

Other Customer: “This. Is. Fraud! Manager, now!”

The cashier rolls eyes and calls for a manager.

Cashier: *To me* “Okay, looks like we are moving along. Would you like your receipt printed or just emailed?”

Me: “Email is fine.”

Other Customer: “Of course, email is fine. She’s stealing this stuff!”

Manager: “What seems to be the issue?”

The cashier attempts to explain but the other customer keeps butting in.

Manager: “Sir, let me make sure I understand. This lady entered her PIN, immediately told the cashier she made a mistake, and then corrected it, and her card went through, correct?”

Other Customer: “I don’t know, but somehow she’s using someone else’s card and this idiot is letting her.”

Manager: “Sir, people make mistakes. If she was really using someone else’s card, she wouldn’t have realized she used the wrong PIN. I’m going to have to ask you to wait your turn, finish your transaction, and stop harassing other customers and my cashier.”

Other Customer: “I’m not buying anything here. You encourage scammers. My card will probably end up being the next one stolen.”

He slams his fist on the belt and then storms past me and out of the store.

Manager: “Um, I have no idea what just happened.” *To me* “I’m sorry about that. I guess he’s never had a typo before.”

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