Has A Bone To Pick With Your Prognosis

| Working | August 19, 2014

(I’d fallen on my hand while being slung playing a local game of AFL football. After waiting for over two hours in the emergency room and having an x-ray on my wrist I finally get to talk to the doctor.)

Doctor: “Well, it doesn’t look like you’ve hurt yourself, so you can leave.”

Me: “Do you mind if I have a look? I’m studying exercise rehabilita—”

Doctor: “I do mind. It’s a busy Saturday and I don’t care to have my opinion verified by you.”

(She finally gives me something for the pain and I get a lift home. On Monday morning I get an interesting phone call.)

Caller: “Hi, this is the head of radiology at the hospital. We were just reviewing the x-rays from your emergency. We need you to come in as you’ve actually broken a bone in your wrist.”

(I was in the hospital by mid-afternoon and in surgery two days later to pin my scaphoid back together. Luckily I didn’t need a bone transplant from my hip. Turns out she thought it was two separate bones. It was nice to have the head of radiology make a cast for me, though, with his sincere apologies!)

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