Has A Backup Man

, , , | Hopeless | June 28, 2016

(I am a 23-year-old grad student, figuring out living alone. I have chronic bronchitis; after this last flare up, I have been very ill for the past few days, and am on about six different medications. I am very loopy and tired, but I need groceries, so I run out to the great big mart of walls. I wander and get groceries, only to realize when I get up front that I have lost my phone. I check my car, then the store, then finally return to the customer service desk.)

Me: “Has anyone turned in an iPhone? It’s a 5c, blue—”

Cashier: *eyes me* “What kind of phone?”

Me: “It’s a blue iPhone 5c. It’s in a pink case with a dreamcatcher on the back.” *cashier pulls it from her drawer* “Yes! Oh, yes, that’s it!”

Cashier: “That man turned it in just now.” *points me to an older man, about 75 or so*

(I rush to him, thanking him profusely and offering a reward.)

Elderly Man: *in a gentle voice* “It’s not needed, miss.” *after I explain I use it for school* “Do you have a computer at home? Make sure you back it up every so often – it’s important you have your schoolwork, and you wouldn’t want to lose it.”

(To that sweet old gentleman, thank you for helping a very sick student get back her phone. It’s all I have to contact family, and was the only way to order my medication from out of state if I needed to. And thank you for the reminder with my backups!)

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