Harry Potter And The Chamber Of The Kessel Run

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(I’m a bit of a geek and regularly wear a necklace that is a leaf of Lorien from “Lord of the Rings.” A couple friends and I have stopped in at a sandwich shop for dinner.)

Girl: *rings up my order and notices my necklace* “Oh! That’s really pretty! What’s it mean?”

Me: *glances down to confirm* “Oh, that’s a leaf of Lorien from Lord of the Rings.”

Girl: “Oh, like Harry Potter?”

Me: “No… It’s the Lord of the Rings. You know, the movies?”

Girl: “So, like Star Wars?”

Me: “No, Lord of the Rings. Movies and books? Elves, dwarves, hobbits? A ring? Tolkien? The Hobbit is part of the series, too.”

Girl: “Oh, I watch TV!” *hands me my change*

Me: *blinks and walks away*

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