Harry Potter And The Curse Of The Spoiler

| Friendly | December 23, 2016

(I have just gotten the Harry Potter book series for Christmas and I pulled it out to read at a sleepover with my friend when one of them randomly starts talking about books.)

Friend #1: “So, I really like books with plot twists, like Agatha Christie novels, because it’s never something you expect.”

Friend #2: “Yeah, especially like in a lot of book series’, you KNOW what is going to happen.”

Friend #1: “Yeah, like in Harry Potter. You KNOW Harry is going to [huge spoiler] at the end of the series. Like, yeah, Rowling did throw in a couple of unexpected things like the death of [Characters], but other than that…”

Me: “Um, excuse me. Are you f****** kidding me?” *holds up book to show that I am a few chapters into the first Harry Potter book*

Friend #1: “F***!”

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