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Pharmacist: “[My Name], come here now.

Me: “*immediately scared knowing I’ve done nothing wrong* “Yes?”

Pharmacist: “Care to explain why you did the stocktake of [Manager]’s area incorrectly and why on [Day I don’t work] the wall display isn’t complete like I asked?”

Me: “Sorry? Well, firstly, I don’t work on [Day] and was not here on [Day], and secondly, the wall display did not get done because, as you would have seen in my note, we had a gentleman come in with a severe concussion, his head was bleeding non-stop, and he was confused and dizzy, so we called an ambulance. [Other Pharmacist] and I were both by ourselves during a busy period so we had to prioritise the customer. By the time we had called the ambulance and assisted the gentleman and paramedics, and cleared the customers who said they were okay to wait and [Other Pharmacist] and I were doing really good and the right thing, it was time to go. [Other Pharmacist] had to leave on time so I was unable to stay back. As you would know, an assistant cannot stay back if there is no pharmacist present.” 

Pharmacist: “That is no excuse! Do you have some sort of brain disorder? You should have left the patient and done what you were told! As for the stocktake, everyone else here denies doing it incorrectly. So it must have been you. You must have snuck in without us knowing.”

(I ended up leaving shortly after this incident. This was the last straw from years of bullying. To this day, I’m still scared by the bullying I received from these people)

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