Hardline On The Software

| Working | December 7, 2013

(My entire job description is to create material numbers for the company; then we can start to build the products people hire us to create for them. As a recent college graduate I can’t complain. I wrote a program that does 90% of my job for me. I take this to my supervisor so that I could be praised and put into an engineering group.)

Supervisor: “So, this program basically does your job for you?”

Me: “Yes. More than half of all my work is done by this program now, with only minor input needed by users.”

Supervisor: “So, I don’t need as many people working for me now?”

(A troubled look starts to show on the supervisor’s face.)

Me: “No. All of my current coworkers can be moved into the technical roles that we have been training for. We can hire a couple of high school graduates to do the work of the eight of us.”

Supervisor: *alarmed* “And this program is perfect, there are no flaws at all?!”

Me: “Well as long as the engineer assigning the work checks for correct tagging everything should be fine. There is a minor issue with transcription but no big problems.”

Supervisor: *relieved* “Oh! So, the program isn’t perfected yet. No worries, just keep me appraised and let me know if the program is getting close to finished.”

(The supervisor starts shooing me out of her office.)

Me: “But it’s done. I can’t—”

Supervisor: “No worries. Just keep me in the loop.”

(The supervisor all but slams the door in my face. Soon after, she tried to bury me in work so that I couldn’t ‘finish’ the program and shrink her empire. I still am bored out of my brain, but now I have time to look for a new job!)

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