Hard To Understand A Soft Problem

, , , | Right | June 19, 2017

(The intersection where our branch is located is under construction. The sidewalks are dug up and there is some utility work going on. We’re a small town branch, and the company headquarters is in another state.)

Customer: “Yes, I’m having trouble with my online banking account.”

Me: “Are you having trouble logging in this morning?”

Customer: “Yes, it says I’m locked out!”

Me: “I see. We’ve just received notice that the system went down this morning. They’re working on it now, but it’s still not operational at the moment.”

Customer: “So it’s not me?”

Me: “No, it appears to be a system-wide problem.”

Customer: *turns and points out the window at the construction* “Do you think it’s because of the construction?”

Me: “No, it’s a software problem.”

Customer: “Are you sure they didn’t cut the lines?”

Me: *sighs*

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  • Amy Susan Fisher

    You had to know at least one person was going to be worried about that. 😂

    • Kathryn Baggs

      Hah… I had it really be they cut the cable once. But uh, I wasn’t working at the time. The entire province lost internet and phones for a while. Someone cut the backbone line.

      • Lord Retro

        The day I got my internet connected at my house was the day that somehow the main fiber cable got cut in a neighboring state and knocked out internet for a very large area. If I remember right there were some property rights involved where there was an issue of getting permission for the techs to get to where they needed to fix it. Took almost a week to actually get internet.

    • EastCoastJ

      It was a Hispanic career criminal who killed the homophobic Muslim brat in Virginia. Not what you hoped for.

      • therapod

        Um… what?

  • Muhamad Adhi Setiadi

    Well, at least the customer didn’t demand you to fix it ASAP or some other ridiculous demand.

  • Thomas Solebrant

    I never understood why some banks think “Your account is locked” is a good default message when their systems are down. Good way to scare your customers.