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Hard To Teller What They Meant

, , , | Working | November 27, 2017

(I go to my bank to deposit some cash. There is a short queue and while waiting in it for about two minutes, a staff member approaches.)

Staff: “Oh, you’ve been waiting a long time!”

Me: “Not really.”

Staff: “What service do you need?”

Me: “Just need to deposit some folding money; can you do that?”

Staff: “Yes, but I will show you how to use the ATM for that!”

Me: *having had problems with deposit machines before, a loss of $2000 for example* “No, thanks; I prefer to deal with tellers.”

Staff: *shrugs* “Oh, well, if you want to take the risk.” *she walks off*

(Still not sure what “risk” she was implying. I have heard that the bank wants to improve its performance on surveys and reduce complaints by eliminating the number of staff dealings with the public, but that seems a weird way to go about it.)

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