Would Have You Do Hard Labor To Replace It

, , , , | Working | October 24, 2017

(I am leaving the fitting rooms when I hear a woman scream in pain and shout that her waters have broken. I pull the curtain back to see her on the floor crippled with pain and call 999. Several store workers also arrive, and we try to assist the woman in the best way we can. A manager then approaches.)

Manager: “Did you damage anything?”

Customer: “What?”

Manager: “Did YOU damage anything?”

(The customer and I stare at each other incredulously.)

Me: “She’s in labour!”

Manager: “We have a policy, sir.” *to the customer* “If you damaged anything, you will have to purchase them.”

Customer: “Whatever!”

(The emergency services arrive and carry her out in a gurney. As she is leaving, the manager comes up with a soaked bag and a chip and pin machine.)

Manager: “You aren’t going anywhere until you pay!”

Paramedic: “Sir, this woman is in labour! Surely this can wait!”

Manager: “Not on your life!”

(Then the manager thrust the chip and pin into the customer’s hands. As if preordained, the customer experienced a contraction at the same time, and screamed again while, literally, crushing the chip and pin between her hands. The manager yelped and fled, shouting to just forget it. I couldn’t imagine the strength the woman had in that moment, but she certainly made my day. I never found out what happened to her after that, but I hope she and her child are doing well.)

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