The Hard Disk Is About To Be Broken… Over Your Head

, , | Working | August 31, 2017

(My laptop is broken. My husband is pretty good with computers, and after taking a look at it, he finds that the hard disk is fine, but the cord that goes to the hard disk is faulty, so the hard disk cannot send any information to the rest of the computer. I take the laptop into the local repair shop in the mall.)

Me: “Hi, I was wondering if you could fix my laptop. We’ve checked, and the hard disk is fine, but the cord that goes to the hard disk is faulty. Is that something you’d be able to replace?”

Tech: “I don’t know, we’ll check it out. Leave us your number, and we’ll give you a call when we have an answer.”

Me: “Great! How long do you think that will be?”

Tech: “Two weeks.”

(Weeks go by, and I’m getting kind of impatient. I really need the laptop for my work. After four weeks, I go back in.)

Me: “Hi, I left my laptop with you four weeks ago. Do you know yet whether you can fix it?”

Tech: “Please wait.”

(He gets out my laptop and checks it out while I watch.)

Tech: “Your hard disk is broken. You need a new hard disk.”

Me: *frustrated* “No, I don’t. I told you when I came in, we’ve already checked the hard disk and it works fine when it’s connected to other machines. The cord that connects the hard disk is the problem.”

(The tech fiddles around with my laptop some more.)

Tech: *after a while* “The cord that connects the hard disk is broken.”

Me: “….Yes, I know.”

Tech: “…”

Me: “…So can you fix it?”

Tech: “No.”

(They kept my laptop for a month without even looking at it. If they’d taken fifteen minutes to check it right when I brought it in, I could have taken it elsewhere right away and gotten it fixed!)

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