Happy Treason Day!

, | Learning | August 20, 2015

(I’m an American studying at a Japanese university. My Hokkaido history professor is English. The next day would be the Fourth of July. Class ends and I start inviting my fellow classmates of various nationalities to my Fourth of July party.)

Me: “It’s gonna be cool, guys! I know not all of you are American, but we can still celebrate! It’ll be a fun cultural experience and there’ll be sparklers and tons of food!”

Friend #1: “Cool!”

Friend #2: “What’s the holiday celebrating?”

Me: “The U.S.’s separation from England.”

Professor: *behind me* “Well, it sure is good to be rid of THAT troublesome country, isn’t it?”

Me: *jumps in surprise* “Oh, my God! Where did you come from?”

Professor: *laughs* “Only joking. Enjoy your Fourth of July party!”

Me: “Uh… thanks!”

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