Happy New Cheer!

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(I am the customer/patron in this story, and I have done something extremely goofy… In my attempt to leave my parking space to go home, I have gone in the wrong direction. In my defense, if I have one, it is New Year’s Day and my brain is slightly clouded with a cold. This takes place when I reach the spot where I think I am going to have to maneuver a tricky turn to go back in the other direction and leave properly. I see three parking lot attendants, two women and one man.)

Me: *yelling out my window* “Excuse me… I think I’ve gone the wrong way.”

Man #1: “You sure did, but we still love you! We won’t tell anyone.”

(I hear a male laugh somewhere behind me, presumably another employee.)

Me: *grinning* “How do I get out of here?”

Man #1: “You can just go between that pole and the cone right there.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Man #1: “Yes. I have faith in you! You gotta be a risk-taker! Just don’t hit those women in the crosswalk.”

Me: *laughing* “Okay.”

(I carefully start driving in the spot he told me to.)

Man #1: “Great! You’re doing it! You got this! You’re the best! We love you! Now just turn again around those cones and you’re good!”

(I start to make my turn and see another male parking lot attendant.)

Me: “Ah! I feel like I’m going to run over a cone making this turn!”

Man #2: *very cheerfully* “It’s okay, we do it all the time!” *he kicks the cone out of my way*

Me: *laughing* “Thank you!”

(I complete the turn and start on the proper exit path.)

Man #1: “You did it! You are beautiful! You are the best and don’t let anyone tell you differently!”

Me: *still laughing* “Thank you!”

Man #1: “Happy New Year! We love you!”

Me: “I love you, too!”

(I may have felt like an idiot for most of this event, but it was pretty hilarious and very sweet. Nice addition to the start of my new year!)

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