Happy Is As Happy Does

| Working | June 25, 2013

(On the way to the train station to head home, I stop by a kiosk to grab a bite. Note: In Holland it’s quite uncommon for the person behind the counter to look at you, let alone make small talk.)

Cashier: *merrily* “So how are you today miss?”

Me: “I’m great, thanks! How much are these sausage rolls?”

Cashier: “Hmm, the sausage rolls! Good choice! They’re 1,70 ma’am.”

Me: “I’ll have one, then.”

Cashier: “So, where is the trip heading today?”

(I tell him my destination.)

Cashier: “Ah, going to see the dolphin park there, then?”

Me: “Haha, no I live there. I used to work at that park, though.”

Cashier: “Oh, really? Hey, you don’t happen to know [name], right? He also lives in [town].”

Me: “No, I’m sorry; I don’t know anyone by that name. Anyway, I gotta catch my train! Have a nice day!”

Cashier: “You, too ma’am! Have a good ride home!”

(About a week later, I stop by the kiosk again, and see the same guy behind the counter. This time the place is packed, but he greets every costumer with a huge smile and makes small talk with everyone. )

Me: “Just these two today, please.”

(I place a chocolate bar and a pack of gum on the counter.)

Cashier: “Ah, something to snack on the way, heh?” *checks me out*

Me: “Hey, just a question, are you always this happy?”

Cashier: “Oh there are so many reasons to be happy! Look, the sun is shining, and I have a JOB! How many people can say that these days? I consider myself lucky! I mean, I get paid for making coffee for people all day. How can I not be happy with that?”

Me: “Wow, you are really thankful for what you have! You don’t see that so often anymore. And your happiness makes me happy too! Just so you know, you made my day!”

Cashier: “Haha, well, I’m happy I make you happy!”

Me: “We’re making each other happy!”

Cashier: “H*** yeah!”

Me: “Well, gotta catch my train again. You stay happy now!”

Cashier: “I sure will!”

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