Happy Holidays

| Related | December 27, 2013

(I have been ‘assigned’ to put up the Christmas decorations at my mother’s house.)

Mother: “What are you doing?”

Me: “You said to put up the decorations that were in the garage.”

(My mom keeps decorations for almost everything, and always a lot of them. Halloween, Xmas, Easter, you name it. I’ve put ALL of them up.)

Mother: “But, it’s CHRISTMAS.”

Me: *packing the boxes away* “I know.”

Mother: “Why is all the other stuff up?”

Me: *pulling my car keys out of my pocket* “Because you said the stuff in the garage. That was inclusive of everything in there that’s decorations. I figured you just wanted to have some fun.”

Mother: “But… But… It’s Christmas!”

Me: “Yeah. And?”

Mother: “Can you put away the non-Christmas stuff?”

Me: “Nope. I’ve got a 12-hour shift at work to get to. I’ll see if I can get to it, or you can. Bye.”

(Three months later, in February, everything was still up. The neighbors were complaining about it looking ‘tacky.’)

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