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Happy Holidaying Isn’t A Privilege, It’s A Requirement

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(I work downtown in the State Capitol. This means we get a weird mix of high-priced attorney types, lots of government employees, and homeless people. I’m leaving work to head to the parking lot. I’m wearing a funny T-shirt for the holidays with a picture of a cat destroying a Christmas tree. I see a disheveled woman heading my way pulling a suitcase. I think she may be homeless, but you never know and a smile doesn’t hurt. As I pass her, I smile and she says, “Happy Holidays.” Seeing as I passed her, I don’t reply and head for the street crossing.)

Lady: *very loud* “Excuse me!”

(Startled now, I turn to look back at her. We are now about ten feet or so apart.)

Lady: *still loud* “I said, ‘Happy Holidays’!”

Me: *shocked that this is even happening* “Happy Holidays.”

(She turned and headed down the walk, and I waited to make my missed chance to cross the street. All I could think was, “Geez, some Happy Holidays!”)