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Happy Birthday To You And You

| Friendly | September 9, 2016

(My mum is working on her birthday one year when she receives this phone call. I happen to be by her at the time, as I am paying her a quick visit on my way home.)

Mum: *answering phone* “Hello, [Restaurant]. How can I help?”

Caller: “Hello, is that [Mum]?”

Mum: “Yes?”

Caller: *excitedly* “Hello, [Mum]! Happy Birthday!”

Mum: *slightly confused, as she didn’t recognise the caller’s voice* “Thank you?”

Caller: “Are you having a nice day?”

Mum: *still confused* “I’m having a lovely day, thank you…”

Caller: “Doing anything nice?”

Mum: “Well, I’m at work, so….”

Caller: “…work? This is [Mum]?”

Mum: “Yes”

Caller: “[Mum Different Surname]?”

Mum: “Um. No…”

Caller: “But it is your birthday?”

Mum: “Yes!”

Caller: *stunned* “Your name is [Mum] AND it’s your birthday… How weird!”

Mum: *laughs*

Caller: *excited again* “Well, have a lovely birthday, [Mum]! Nice talking to you!”

Mum: *laughing* Thanks, bye!” *hangs up* “Well, that was weird…”

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