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Happy American Independence Day, 2021! From Not Always Right!

| Right | July 4, 2021

Dear readers,

It’s the fourth of July, also known as Independence Day in the United States! It’s a birthday celebration for a nation, positively drenched in red, white, and blue, filled with barbecues and sunshine and, in true bombastic American fashion, fireworks!

In honor of this occasion, we’ve rounded up thirteen stories about fireworks! These don’t all take place on July 4th or in America, but they celebrate a universal truth: sometimes the fireworks that happen on the ground are just as exciting as the ones in the air!


Fiery Temperaments Can Lead To Explosive Situations – Americans don’t have a monopoly on being stupid or hotheaded!

A Fiery Affirmative – Hold on, everyone, things are about to get loud.

His Odd Behavior Just Hit The Roof – This coworker is high on life.

Fire Not Works – Hits from the comments: Super Deep Trailer Voice: “In a world where they sell fireworks at gas stations, one man dares to light a flame in the darkness…”

Fire In A Relationship Works – To be fair, it’s a basic human preservation instinct to be afraid of things that explode and make loud noises.

Your Irony Is Going Up In Smoke – You burn your money your way and I’ll burn mine my way.

Momma Knows Best – Fireworks make an excellent diversion!

Teacher Reacting Differently Than Expected – This story technically doesn’t include fireworks, but it was way too wild (and explosive!) not to include.

Fountain Of Uncouth – Ew, ew, ew!

Remember, Remember, The Fifth Of Duh-vember – I’m pretty sure this guy wins the Stupidest Story Subject award for the week.

Sunset Should Be Childs-Play – You’re on vacation! Let the kiddos stay up a little.

Murica! The Lullaby – Great. Now this song is stuck in my head.

We Will Make These Fireworks Work – Ooh, I get by with a little help from… a very kind booth worker.


Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there, and to one and all, stay safe!


We hope you enjoyed this Firework-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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