Hangry Husband Meets Witless Worker

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My husband and I have been moving boxes all day and haven’t eaten, so we’re already a little “hangry.” We pull up to the drive-thru of a quick, cheap fast food joint before he has to go to work.

At the speaker to order:

Employee #1: “Hello, order when you’re ready.”

Husband: “Hello, I’d like—”

Employee #1: “Oh, just one minute, please.”

Husband: “Oh, okay.”

Roughly two minutes pass before someone speaks again.

Employee #1: “Sorry about that, what can I get—”

Employee #2: “No, no, no. Just one moment!”

Maybe twenty seconds later:

Employee #2: “Hello?”

Husband: “Hello.”

Employee #2: “Okay, one moment.”

Employee #3: “Hi there, what can I get for y—”

Employee #2: “No! Just a moment.”

Another few minutes pass before we can finally put in our order.

Employee #2: “Okay, okay. Hello?”

Husband: *Pause* “Hello.”

Employee #2: “Okay.”

Husband: “May I order now?”

Employee #2: “Yes. Okay, what do you want?”

Husband: “Thank you. I would like a [Meal], large, please, with a [Soda #1], two [Burgers], one [Chicken Sandwich], and a large [Soda #2].”

Employee #2: “No chicken.”

Husband: “You don’t have any chicken?” 

Employee #2: “No. We’re out of chicken. What else?”

Husband: “Oh… I guess another [Burger], then.”

Employee #2: “Okay. That’s [roughly $6 more than expected.]”

We pull forward and my husband pays, but I insist on checking the receipt. Sure enough, there is a [Chicken Sandwich Meal] that we did not order. We get to the pickup window and notify them, explaining to two employees that we were charged for something we didn’t order, when a third person comes over: [Employee #2] from the speaker, who also appears to be the manager.

Employee #2: “Okay, so what’s wrong?”

My husband is a bit annoyed after having just told two other employees the same thing.

Husband: “We were charged for [Chicken Sandwich Meal], but we didn’t order it. You don’t even have any chicken.”

Employee #2: “Okay. You didn’t want this?”

Husband: “No. We didn’t order it.”

Employee #2: “You want the money back or you want the food?”

Husband: “I’d like the money back, please.”

Employee #2: “You sure you don’t want me to get you the meal?”

Husband: “I didn’t order it, and you don’t have any chicken. As it is a chicken sandwich, you won’t be able to get it, and I don’t want it. Please, just give me the money back for it.”

Employee #2: “Fine.”

We got our money back and got out of there, not bothering to mention it was twenty cents short and my fries were the wrong size and dumped upside down in the bag.

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