Hang Ups Over Children

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Me: “Hi, thank you for calling [Vet Clinic]. How can I help you today?”

(Note: the caller sounds around 4 years old. )

Caller: “Hello, is Aunt Betty there?”

Me: “I’m sorry, would you mind repeating that?”

Caller: “Can I speak to Aunt Betty?”

Me: “I’m sorry, you have the wrong number.”

Caller: “Oh, Okay.”

Me: “Bye!”

(I hang up. 10 seconds later, the phone rings again.)

Me: “Hi, thank you for calling [Vet Clinic], how can I help you today?”

Caller 2: “My niece just called here and must have got the wrong number.”

Me: *chuckling* “Yes she thought-”

Caller 2: “Well, next time don’t hang up on her!” *hangs up*

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