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Handy With Drama

| Learning | June 19, 2016

(We’re in drama class, rehearsing a scene in a restaurant. My aim is to “flatter” the waitress. Our teacher has left the room for a few minutes. Note: at this point we are making up the scene as we go along.)

‘Waitress’: “And, what would you like sir?”

Me: “Anything shall suffice, so long as it is served by your fair hands.”

‘Waitress’: “You’ll have to be more specific, sir.”

Me: “Oh, those ones.” *I point to her hands*

(We burst into laughter. I put my head on the desk, and when I look up, both my partners are on the floor laughing. Our teacher comes in at this point, looks at them, then me.)

Teacher: “[My Name], what did you do?”

(We lost it again, but kept the line in the final performance.)

Question of the Week

Tell us about a customer that lied or scammed to get what they wanted.

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