Handshaken To His Core

| Working | May 16, 2017

(Every summer for the past few years we’ve employed a summer worker who isn’t exactly the brightest. He’s smart when it comes to exams and school, but a little gullible and easy to fool. We’re all gathered around the build desks, working on an order while discussing part of the dress code, and someone mentions a specific part of the employee handbook which gets emailed to every full-time contracted employee. I’m known for being quick with sarcastic comments and snappy comebacks.)

Summer Worker: “Wait, there’s an employee handbook? I didn’t know this. Where can I get a copy?”

Me: *getting up and going into the office to phone our manager upstairs about a separate issue* “You only get it when you get a full-time contract and we teach you the secret handshake.”

(As the door closes I hear this:)

Summer Worker: *turning to our apprentices and asking wide-eyed and in all seriousness* “Have you guys been taught the secret handshake yet?”

(Cue me loudly dying of laughter in the office as my manager answered the phone. The rest of the production team could be heard losing it.)

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