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Hamilton: The School Musical

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(I am a giant nerd for the Broadway musical “Hamilton” and have spent some time researching lyrics, so I have a lot of knowledge about founding fathers. To my joy, we are covering the founding fathers in my history class, and my teacher also loves “Hamilton.” We are the only two in the class who have listened to it. The class knows I’m a big fan.)

Teacher: “As a treat, I’m going to have you watch a scene from the musical Hamilton, about Yorktown.”

I gasp overdramatically and start slapping my friend’s arm.

Teacher: “[My Name] has heard of this play, if you couldn’t tell.”

(We are covering the differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.)

Teacher: “Okay, in a group of four, I want you to mark down the facts and opinion of both founding fathers.”

(My friend runs out of her chair and grabs my arm.)

Friend: “She’s joining our group!”

Classmates Around Me: “Aww.”

Teacher: “This photo is of the duel that killed Alexander Hamilton. We haven’t talked about him yet, but the man who shot him was Aaron Burr.”

Me: “Mostly ‘cause he was really salty about Hamilton.”

Teacher: “Yeah, jeez, he was a firecracker. This photo is of Alexander Hamilton’s wife Elizabeth, who, even after finding out her husband was having an affair, did not divorce him.”

Classmate: “Really? If I was her, I would have filed for divorce immediately.”

Me: “Yeah, but in the male-dominated society back then…”

I proceed to rant about how much s*** Elizabeth went through.

Teacher: “And now you know more about Hamilton’s wife than you do the actual founding father, but that’s okay because he was a jerk.”

Me: “Yeah, he was! Who wants to hear about how he wrote a 98-page pamphlet slut-shaming himself?”

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