Hamilton: The School Musical

| CA, USA | Learning | July 14, 2017

(I am giant nerd for the Broadway musical “Hamilton” and have spent some time researching lyrics so I have a lot of knowledge about founding fathers. To my joy we are covering the founding fathers in my history class as well as my teacher also loving Hamilton, we being the only two in the class to have listened to it. The class knows I’m a big fan.)

Teacher: “Okay, as a treat I’m going to have you watch a scene from the musical Hamilton, about Yorktown.”

Me: *over dramatic gasp and slapping my friend’s arm, who sits next to me*

Teacher: “[My Name] has heard of this play, if you couldn’t tell.”

(We are covering the differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.)

Teacher: “Okay in a group of four, I want you to mark down the facts and opinion of both founding fathers.”

(My friend runs out of her chair and grabs my arm.)

Friend: “She’s joining our group!”

Classmates Around Me: “Aww.”

Teacher: “This photo is of the duel that killed Alexander Hamilton. We haven’t talked about him yet but the man who shot him was Aaron Burr.”

Me: “Mostly ‘cause he was really salty about Hamilton.”

Teacher: “Yeah, jeez, he was a firecracker.”

Teacher: “This photo is of Alexander Hamilton’s wife Elizabeth, who, even after finding out her husband was having an affair, did not divorce him.”

Classmate: “Really? If I was her I would have filed for divorce immediately.”

Me: “Yeah, but in the male-dominated society back then…” *proceeds to rant about how much s*** Elizabeth went through*

Teacher: “And now you know more about Hamilton’s wife than you do the actual founding father, but that’s okay because he was a jerk.”

Me: “Yeah, he was! Who wants to hear about how he wrote a 98-page pamphlet slut-shaming himself?”

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  • 🎶The Reynolds pamphlet…🎶

    • Novelista

      I didn’t know that Hamilton wrote a pamphlet s!ut-shaming himself. WHAT?!

  • Matt Westwood

    “Oh, look at *me* everybody, look how *clever* I am!”

    Spot the bully-magnet.

    • Cerys Robinson

      I don’t see it as being a ‘look how clever I am’ moment – more a ‘look how obsessed I am with this musical’. Still liable to be a magnet for bullies, but hey.

    • ladyrage8

      Wow, for once, we agree.

  • Klaus Hellnick

    If anyone wants to see a musical about the revolution, watch 1776, not this crap!

    • Cristian Ilkka

      As far as I understood, ‘Hamilton’ is mainly about Hamilton, while 1776 is mainly about the revolution. Different focus.

    • Vulpis

      Sit down, John! (Could someone please open a wiiindow…)

  • S Busersky

    I saw Hamilton last month and had no idea until then what a bad ass Elizabeth Hamilton was. She accomplished so much in her life.

  • Skip Bin

    Nothing has become as irritating to me so quickly as people talking about themselves talking about this play.

    • ladyrage8

      Then you obviously haven’t heard enough people talking about Hamilton.

    • Sirmoogle

      How do you know someone loves Hamilton the musical?

      Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

    • Professor of Miscellaneous

      You should try putting up with people talking about how much it irritates them when people talk about Hamilton!

  • kaninefat

    Is there a story here?

  • Angel


    All the hype over this musical has made me never want to watch it.

    • JB

      On the other hand feel free to visit Hamilton the city, in the mighty Waikato.

      • Rebekah


    • Katrina Kennedy

      It’s hyped because it’s good. I started getting into it because Lin Manuel Miranda was on a few podcasts I like and he is genuinely kind and sweet and I like supporting the works of nice people so I bought the soundtrack.

      • heymoe2001

        Frozen is over hyped too. Doesn’t make it good either.

        • Katrina Kennedy

          Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine.

          • ladyrage8

            Let’s go over some things here. As a theatre student of 10 years and someone considered a Disney buff by anyone who meets her.
            Hamilton? Is kinda basic. It tells a good story through the most popular music genre of this time period, which is great if you follow the trends like I know a lot of people do. For those of us who don’t… the show’s kinda “bleh”. I’m not trying to be a hipster, I know it sounds it, but I’m just looking at how it stacks.
            Lin Manuel Miranda? Is a star worthy of everything. He’s so good and passionate and real.
            Frozen? Never should have happened.

  • JB

    The Waikato region is lovely. Went there for a History field trip in Year 13.

  • Deadpool


  • Souless night

    I would think a while before 98 pages calling it a pamphlet would be ironic…

  • Kitty

    As much as I understand being infatuated with something to the point of being annoying (I know I am like that), you need to try to restrain yourself a bit.

  • ladyrage8

    Reading these comments and seeing all the hate on Hamilton, as a theatre person, I must say…
    …I’ve found my people.

  • Jami

    And this is the kind of stuff that assures I will never watch Hamilton. People are more annoying about it than Twilight, so it must be utter dreck. Just throw some glitter on Alex and give him fangs at this point.

    • VillyJean

      I really enjoyed it, even though I didn’t think I would like the style.

      But I think I’m a little past the age range that seems to obsess over it.

    • Katrina Kennedy

      People are just as big fans of Harry Potter. People liking a thing doesn’t make it bad.

    • Laina Inverse

      Fans are fans. Some people obsess, some people like it casually.

      I mean, it’s your choice to hate something because of its fans, by all means, but you ought to watch it anyways, and judge for yourself.

    • qhsperson .

      Go to youtube and see if you can find the video, Irish People Watch Hamilton, or something like that. It’s a recent upload on the Facts channel.
      My opinion: Hamilton looks like exactly the sort of crap I’d drive 100 miles to avoid.

      • Novelista

        Another Facts fan! OMG, I love them!

    • ladyrage8

      There’s a difference between fans and… “oh no not them” fans. Every fanbase, everything that could have a fanbase, has this. Hamilton’s fanbase has made it to the “oh no not them” stage, and thus dragged the show down with them.

  • ArchStanton75

    Me: Hamilton fans–what a bunch of dorks!

    Also me: still listening to my 30-year old Broadway cast of Les Miserables and singing along at the top of my lungs.

    • ladyrage8

      Me with Wonderland honestly! My senior award from the junior class was the “I’m the Mad Hatter” award because I was (and still am) known for my Wonderland obsession.

    • I am Jenn

      There is nothing wrong with this comment.

      Do you hear the people sing?

      Yes, yes I do.

  • Flami

    You’re too obsessed with HAMILTON, OP.

  • TheBigBadWolf

    Congrats, OP, you are obsessed with something….You are absolutely human if you were wondering about that.

  • qhsperson .

    What exactly do you mean by “photos” of people and places in the late 1700s? Do you mean photo stills of the play?

    • Earl Grey

      I would assume of the play, or perhaps an etching.

    • Professor of Miscellaneous

      THANK YOU!
      In all the hatred for people loving Hamilton, they seem to have missed this bizzare fact and it’s baffling me.

  • Ian Rennie

    …so the point of this story was that you like a musical and like talking about it.


  • Blake Barrett

    I learned about Aaron Burr from a “Got Milk?” commercial.