| Learning | May 24, 2017

(In my senior year of high school my biology teacher and I bond over our love for the Broadway show ‘Hamilton.’ It is a fairly quiet day and she decides to pass back a chunk of papers that she had spent longer than usual grading, due to a mixup with another teacher.)

Teacher: “Okay, here’s the last month of work. I’m sorry it took so long, guys. Since [Other Teacher] accidentally took our papers instead of hers, I’ve been working to fix the grading pretty much nonstop.”

Me: *unable to resist, bolts to my feet* “Gentlemen of the jury, I’m curious; bear with me. Are you aware that we’re making history? This is the first murder trial of our brand new nation, the liberty behind deliberation! I intend to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, with my assistant counsel—”

Teacher: *without missing a beat* “Co-counsel, [My Name], sit down. Your test grade was atrocious; did you even read this? That’s all you gotta do.”

Me: “Okay.” *sits back down*

(A few people clapped and we got some laughs. After that the teacher and I made it a game to see who could insert Hamilton lyrics into everyday situations in class.)

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