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Halloween Triggers The Worst In People

, , , , | Right | October 31, 2018

(I am working at a shop that tailors to Halloween, and is therefore only open around that time. It is Halloween Day. We have always had a lot of animatronics and props that can be activated by pressing a button or by stepping on a very obvious “STEP HERE” mat, with cords running to the props, making it very obvious they’re there. The day has been pretty okay — mostly last-minute costume shopping — when a mother, her son, and her son’s friend —  both about ten — walk in. Her son’s friend knowingly steps on an activation pad for an obviously-placed spider that leaps on its ranged mechanism, effectively scaring this woman’s son, but he quickly recovers and begins laughing. The mother sees and storms over to me.)

Mother: “Excuse me! Hey! Do you think you are so funny to have things like that? What if my son had a heart condition?!”

Me: “I’m sorry for your concern, but we’re fairly open about the triggers being there, and your son seems fine.”

Mother: “But what if he wasn’t fine?! I should sue you for this!”

Me: “If you really want to sue over something that could have happened, but didn’t, go ahead. Please let us know how that works out.”

Mother: “Consider me done with your store! I’ll be filing a complaint to corporate for this, and your boss will hear from my lawyer!”

(She turns to her son and his friend, quickly running over to them and beginning to urge them out of the store.)

Mother: “Now, hurry up! We have to arrive early if you two want to go through [nearby Extreme Horror Attraction]!”

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