Halloween Happiness

, | Hopeless | October 31, 2016

(We do layaway, a fact that becomes very obvious to the masses by way of our commercials during the Holiday season which start before Halloween.)

Lady: “Hey, I got an email saying that my layaway had been picked up! Please don’t tell me you guys lost my layaway!”

Me: “Let me pull up your order on the computer and see what’s going on. It might be a system glitch.”

(I check her order and find that the system has it indeed listed as picked-up, which meant it would have been paid off, so I radio for my manager asking her about it.)

Manager: “What’s her last name?”

Me: “[Customer].”

Manager: “Okay, let me check something. We had some people come in and pay off random layaways.”

Lady: “Oh, my god, if that’s what happened, I’m going to cry.”

(It turned out, hers was indeed one of the layaways that a generous guest had come in and paid off. She was so happy as she received her items, relaying the story to her husband on the phone, and asked us if we could give her the contact info of the people who donated, which unfortunately we couldn’t because they didn’t leave any. Regardless, it left the store with a case of the happy for the rest of the night.)

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