Half An Answer For Half A Dollar

, | Working | April 21, 2014

(I’m driving downstate from my house to visit my parents, and I don’t have an EZ Pass so I have to actually stop for tolls. This is the 10th or so time I’ve gone this route, and so far nobody’s been able to answer a simple question. I know the answer, but I tend to be very paranoid when I’m going through tolls so I like to make sure I’m right.)

Me: “I have a bit of an odd question that nobody’s been able to answer.”

Toll Operator: “Yeah?”

Me: *pulling out a 50-cent coin* “The 50-cent tolls, does it work just fine with a 50-cent coin?”

Toll Operator: *takes the 50-cent coin from my hand, then hands me two quarters* “Problem solved!”

Me: “But that doesn’t answer the question.”

(The toll operator proceeded to ignore me, which prompted me to just go ahead on my trip.)

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