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Hair-Raising Heir Raising

| Related | June 5, 2015

(I’m putting my 16-month-old into his bath. He likes shaking his head from side to side and he has very cute blond curls. My husband comes in.)

Husband: “His hair is really getting quite long. Some time soon we’ll have to take him to the hairdresser’s.”

Me: “Hmm, not yet. It looks cute like this.”

Husband: “You hear that, [Son]? Mommy’s going to turn you into a girl.”

Me: “Nonsense! Length of hair has nothing to do with being a boy or a girl. Girls can have short hair too if they want.”

Son: *shakes his head*

Husband: “See? [Son] disagrees. Girls should have long hair, right, [Son]?”

Son: *shakes his head*

Me: “Girls can have their hair any way they want!”

Son: *shakes his head*

Me: *in the tone of voice that I use when I talk for him* “What are you talking about, mommy and daddy? I’m just shaking my head here. I don’t care about hair!”

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