Hair Raising And Lifting

| Romantic | May 29, 2013

(I am a baby, and my family is moving home. My big sister’s boyfriend is helping. He’s slim, but rather strong. He also has long hair. He can lift items himself that others need two people to lift. Our neighbor sees us, and she has two little boys.)

Neighbor’s Older Son: “Wow, that man is strong! But he doesn’t look bigger than anyone else.”

Neighbor’s Younger Son: “He’s strong because he has long hair!”

Neighbor’s Older Son: “I want to be strong, too! I want long hair!”

(We’re teenagers now. The older neighbor has long hair, and he is my boyfriend. He’s trying to pick up a sofa chair, the same one my sister’s boyfriend had lifted himself.)

Boyfriend: “Wow, I can’t lift this myself!”

Me: “It’s heavy.”

Boyfriend: “But I have long hair now.”

Me: “Did you really think that would actually make you strong?”

Boyfriend: “Well I wished it did. So, now what?”

Me: “Weight lifting?”

Boyfriend: “I guess that’s the only option. I’ll start going to the gym.”

Me: “So, are you going to keep your hair?”

Boyfriend: “Yes! So other little boys can see me!”

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