Hair-Curlingly Bad Behavior

, , , , | Friendly | February 15, 2018

(I’m just finishing checking out at a grocery store and I have my son with me. He’s just under two years old, loves everyone, and has very distinctive blonde curls in his hair. He is sitting happily in the seat of the shopping cart. I am in the process of paying when I hear an older woman’s voice behind me.)

Woman: “Oh, don’t you just have the most amazing curls?!”

(I turn around and see her with both of her hands in my son’s hair.)

Me: “Um, ma’am, please don’t touch my son.”

Woman: *not removing her hands or even looking at me* “But his curls are just so delicious!”

Me: “Thank you, but I’m not comfortable with strangers touching his hair.”

Woman: “He doesn’t mind! Do you? Do you? Can I have a curl? Can I?” *pinches one of his curls between her fingers*

Me: “He’s two. I’ve asked you nicely not to touch him. Please stop.”

(At this point she finally takes her hands off him.)

Woman: *huffy* “Well, there’s no need to be rude about it.”

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