Hair Care-amel

, , , , | Right | August 27, 2018

(It’s about twenty minutes to closing time, and the overnight shift has begun restocking. A newer coworker and I are working in the shampoo aisle. A customer walks up with a cell phone to his ear. He peers at the shelves for a minute, and then asks my coworker a question. A moment later I look up to see my coworker throwing me a pleading look.)

Coworker: “[My Name]? Can you help this customer?”

Me: “Sure. What are you looking for?”

Customer: “Do you have [Brand] caramel shampoo?”

Me: *blinks* “Caramel?”

Customer: *to the phone* “Let me call you back.” *to me* “Yeah, caramel.”

(I go to the display.)

Me: “All of the [Brand] products we have are going to be in this section.”

(I pick up a bottle that’s supposed to strengthen hair.)

Me: “Could you be thinking of keratin?”

Customer: “No, she definitely said caramel.”

(He calls the other person back and loiters in the aisle, standing so we can’t move around him, for about five minutes, peering at the display. Then he picks a bottle — the keratin one I’d showed him — and walks off, thanking us. I look at my coworker and we laugh.)

Coworker: “I thought I was mishearing! ‘She said caramel!’ Like candy!”

Me: “I’m really sure she didn’t!”

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