Hair And Phone-Line Cut

| Romantic | May 4, 2015

(My mom is learning/working at a beauty parlor.)

Mom: *to her current customer getting a haircut* “So, how do you want your style today?”

Customer: “Just short, same style and everything… Say, you know these other girls working here, right?”

Mom: “Yeah, a little. We chitchat. Why?”

Customer: “Do you know if any of them are married?”

Mom: “…Well, actually, yeah, most are.”

Customer: “But you’ve got like other friends, right?”

Mom: “Yeah, of course.”

Customer: “So, do you know if any other your other friends are married? Or maybe looking into getting together with someone?”

Mom: “…Maybe. I’m sure someone might be.”

Customer: “Cool! You’ve got her number? Can you give it to me?”

Mom: “No. What if they don’t want me to give out their number?”

Customer: “Oh, come on…”

Mom: “No.”

Customer: “You sure?”

Mom: “Yes.”

Customer: “How about your number? Here, I can write it down right now.”

(He takes out his phone.)

Mom: “Sure, it’s [number].”

Customer: “Cool! Thanks! And I can call like whenever right?”

Mom: “Yeah, sure.”

Customer: “So, like on Sunday afternoon, maybe?”

Mom: “Yeah, you can call. I might be at church, though.”

Customer: “Oh, really… Um…”

Mom: “You know, if I’m busy, though, I won’t be able to answer, but you could call my husband. Do you want his number, too?”

(The customer quickly put his phone away and remained mostly quiet for the rest of the hair cut.)

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