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Hail To The Bus Driver, Part 8

, , , , , | Hopeless | May 22, 2019

(I’m just starting my first semester of university and I have to take a train and bus route to the school. It’s my first time using public transport like this and on top of that, on a Saturday, when they have a different schedule. My dad, stepmom, and I make it to the train fine and up to the bus stop where we board and begin talking about how we need to time things.)

Me: “I have three classes at [location #1] and one class in the middle of all these at [location #2]. So, if we go from the center to [location #1], and then back up to [location #2], we can be back at the stop to make it in time for the four o’clock train.”

Bus Driver: “Well, I’m actually on detour today, so I’ll be going right behind [location #1] and the dorms behind there. I won’t be going near the center stop again.”

Me: “Oh! All right. Thank you for that!”

(Fast forward to him driving us to the university. None of us know to pull the line to stop the bus, but he stops at the center anyway.)

Me: *to my dad* “Oh, was I supposed to pull on that?”

Bus Driver: “Yes, you are. But it’s okay; I knew you were getting off here. Just remember that for when you start school.”

(We all thank him and get off, going around the university campus so I can figure everything out. We go backwards and find [location #2] first, and then head to [location #1], find my classes, and head out behind them. The three of us find a place to sit, unsure if it’s right as there’s no real stop sign for the bus, hoping that the driver is the same and will just stop a little bit past us. Sure enough, right as we decide this, the bus pulls up on the road, going just past us, and stops.)

Dad: “Thanks!”

Bus Driver: “No problem. Out of curiosity, when’s your last class?”

Me: “It was at 9:20 pm, but the last bus leaves at 9:30 pm, so I switched it to make sure I didn’t miss the bus. My latest is at 3:30 pm now.”

Bus Driver: “Yeah, you would have missed every bus! People are stranded up here at 9:30 at night all the time. Another young girl was in the same boat, so hopefully, she was able to figure hers out, too.”

(We all smiled at the kind driver and took our seats after thanking him. As we were talking about everything we noticed he was honking at someone. I looked over and saw a girl standing at the bus stop that now wouldn’t be stopped at due to the detour. Her headphones were in so she didn’t hear the bus. As he rounded the corner, he pulled to the side and stopped, got off the bus, and walked over to the corner, waving at the girl. He then got back into the bus, waiting for the girl who got on, thanked him, and then took her seat! Not only was he a HUGE help to my family and me, but he made sure everyone was taken care of. We couldn’t have thanked him enough!)

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