Hail To The Bus Driver, Part 3

, | Hopeless | October 24, 2016

(Every day after work I would catch the same bus, at the same time, with the same driver. One day I’m walking across the street to the bus stop and put my bus pass in my coat pocket as I normally do. I sit in the bus shelter waiting for the bus and when it pulls up, I reach into my pocket and find that my bus pass is no longer there. I quickly decide that I’ll just tell the driver to go ahead and I figure I’ll call my mom to see if she can pick me up, or else call a taxi.)

Me: “It’s okay; go ahead. I seem to have lost my pass.”

Driver: “Come on in. I see you every day; I’m not leaving you behind!”

(I got on the bus and thanked her profusely. It was the middle of January and snowy and freezing cold so I was happy to be out of the weather and on my way home. The next day I wrote an email to the bus company, thanking the driver and acknowledging that while it’s probably frowned upon to let passengers on for free, I truly did appreciate her kind gesture. I continued to see her every day for a few more weeks until the drivers did their quarterly route change-up. I don’t know that the bus company ever told her about my email, but I hope she knows how thankful I was.)


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