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Hail To The Bus Driver, Part 6

, , , | Hopeless | January 29, 2017

I use our city bus system regularly to get to work. Unfortunately, our city’s bus system is notoriously… not good. I have to transfer twice across three buses total to reach my stop and if my second bus, the #11, is late, I miss my third bus, the #15, and must wait an hour for the next one, which means I am late to work.

Today, the #11 arrives a few minutes late to the transfer terminal, but due to some hiccups with loading passengers, leaves the station late and is cutting it close to missing the departure time for my third bus, the #15. As we’re pulling up to the stop before my transfer stop, I see the #15 coming down the road in the opposite direction of traffic, which means we are too late and I’ve missed it. When that happens, I will get off at this early stop to buy a snack at the convenience store across the street on the corner and walk down to the next stop to wait the hour.

As I’m standing at the light, I watch the #15 bus turn the corner, as it is supposed to for its route, but then it starts slowing at a place that isn’t a bus stop, and its hazards start flashing. My favorite driver drives this route around this time some days, so I start wondering if he recognized me in the rear-view mirror, and decided to wait, even though the drivers aren’t allowed to stop anywhere not an official bus stop.

The light for me to cross comes on as the bus comes to a full stop, so I book it across the road and on to the bus. It is my favorite driver and he has indeed stopped just for me! It meant a lot to me, as my work place is really busy with the aftermath of Christmas and my coworkers really needed me there. Thanks to him, I got there on time and I’m giving him a gift card the next time I see him!

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