Had You Booked From The Beginning

| AZ, USA | Working | August 23, 2016

(I love books and I recently turned of age to start being able to have my own memberships to things. This exchange happens in a popular book store.)

Cashier: *very nice and perky cashier* “Would you like to sign up for our membership program? It’s only [relatively expensive for a young adult but not too crazy].

Me: “I would. How—“

Cashier: “Well, here is the paperwork. When you sign up you get [small amount] off the current book you are buying and will start receiving coupons every couple of weeks, so eventually the membership pays for itself.”

Me: “Yes—“

Cashier: *still perky* “—and then we send you emails which have sales and coupons every month and you get 10% off anything in the store and free shipping on anything online or in store no matter the amount.”

Me: “That sounds great—“

Cashier: “And if you sign up for the kids’ club, anyone under twelve associated with you gets a free cupcake once a year.” *pauses to take a breath and sees me smiling* “I oversold that didn’t I?”

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