Had To Credit Her For Trying

, , | Right | November 11, 2018

(A young man and his girlfriend check in to our hotel with the man’s credit card. They stay a few days, and when it’s time for them to check out, the girlfriend comes up to the desk with an air of great impatience.)

Girlfriend: “Hi. I need to extend my stay for another week. Room [number].”

(Following protocol, I first check to see if we have availability. We do. Then, I notice a credit card on file, and check the authorization of it. It goes through. I remake the girlfriend’s keys and give them to her.)

Me: “All set!”

Girlfriend: “Thanks!” *dashes off*

(She does this a few times, always extending her stay when it is time to check out. Later I get a call. It’s the young man.)

Young Man: “Hello. I’ve noticed that my card keeps getting charged ever since I’ve checked out?”

Me: *after checking computer* “Yes, I believe your girlfriend is still staying there; she’s extended her stay? [Girlfriend]?”

Young Man: “She is?! Oh, no. Okay, I’ll tell her to pay. Don’t use my card!”

Me: “Okay.”

(Later, he demanded a refund. Turns out that he demanded that she pay, and she hung up on him, left without a trace, and never answered again. Some people…)


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