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Had Already Planned For A Prior Engagement

| Romantic | August 8, 2016

(I have just proposed to my girlfriend at church one evening. Everyone’s been expecting it to happen at some point. As I drive her home, we want to stop by the house of a couple of good friends to surprise them with the news.)

Fiancée: *on phone* “Hey, [Friend #1], can we stop by on our way home? Okay, we’ll be there in a few minutes.”

(We get out of the car, and walk up to the door holding hands in such a way as to hide her engagement ring, trying to be sneaky. As we approach the front door, Friend #2 opens the door with huge smile, holding two bottles.)

Friend #2: “So, which one should we open, the [Champagne #1] or the [Champagne #2]?”

Me: *to fiancée* “Um, I think [Friend #2] is smarter than we are…”

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