H2Oh My

, , | Right | October 25, 2019

(The pool where I work is having a swim meet against a wealthier neighborhood pool. The concessions stand is incredibly swamped, except for at this very moment.)

Customer: “Hi! Could you fill this cup up?” *puts cup directly into my hand*

(We give out cups of ice for free and the customers fill them up at the water fountain themselves.)

Me: “Oh, sure. I’ll be right back!” *leaves and fills it up*

Customer: “Did you just fill this up at the water fountain outside?”

Me: “Yeah, we use that water because it is colder and tastes better than the tap water in here.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s why it tastes awful! Do you have any bottled water?”

Me: “Yes, for $1.25. The cup of ice is free.”

Customer: *sighs and storms off*

Me: *turns to my coworker who just overheard this* “The h*** was that for?”

Coworker: “Snobby rich parents require gourmet water, I guess. She should have just brought some from her own d*** pool.”

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