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H2-Woah, Part 8

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Our water main breaks badly enough to where they have to actually dig out the section of pipe that’s broken and replace it, so that means we have no running water in the store at all. The deli and sandwich shop in the store have to be shut down, and management allows us to carry around water bottles to keep hydrated since the water fountains are out, and they provide us with bottled water in the break room.

I am leaving the front checkout area after helping on the registers and heading back to my department when an older lady approaches me, pointing to the bathrooms.

Customer: “Why are the bathrooms taped off?”

Me: “Oh! Hello! I’m sorry, our water main broke, so we have no running water at the moment, so all of the bathrooms are closed right now.”

She points to my water bottle.

Customer: “If y’all don’t have running water, where did that come from?!”

Me: “Oh, I apologize for the confusion. Management provided us bottled waters back in the break room since the fountains are out.”

Customer: “So, does that mean the bathrooms in the back are working?”

Me: “Oh, no, ma’am. The whole store has no water at all. But—”

Customer: “No water? At all?!”

Me: “No, ma’am, I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Why isn’t the water working?!”

Me: “The water main broke.”

Customer: “Well, when will it be fixed?!”

Me: *Getting uncomfortable* “Ah, probably at the end of the week. They had to order new parts and break through the concrete and dig the pipes up.”

Customer: “I don’t care! I gotta go! Can you open the bathrooms up for me?”

Me: “I can’t; we have no water.”

Customer: *Screaming now* “YOU WON’T LET ME USE THE BATHROOM!”

Me: “I’m sorry, our water main is broken! Try going over to [Fast Food Chain]; their bathrooms are open. We aren’t on the same water lines as them, so—”


At this point, one of the managers up front mercifully helped me out and politely but firmly told the woman to stop yelling at me for something that I couldn’t control and to either go to one of the other shops nearby or go home. The woman huffed and stomped off, and I thanked my manager for the save and rushed back to my department to finish stocking the cart of merchandise I was working on.

About thirty minutes later, I was called up front to help again with a sudden rush of customers. I was passing the seasonal merchandise at the front of the store when I got a whiff of something absolutely foul. It was like a dirty diaper, which I have found on other occasions, but this was so intense I gagged. I peeked into the aisle, and sure enough, smack in the middle of the aisle was a huge pile of poo.

I flagged down a manager and stopped customers from coming into the entire seasonal area. We had to quarantine the area, disassemble the shelves, and thoroughly scrub down EVERYTHING with bleach.

While the mess was being cleaned, since I was the one who found it, the asset protection guy had to take me to the back to take down my statement of the incident and to see if I may have seen who did it.

We rolled back through the camera footage and found the culprit. I watched in abject horror as the woman I had spoken with earlier stomped into that aisle, dropped her pants, and proceeded to take an angry poop IN BROAD DAYLIGHT at the front of a busy retail store!

Best of all, she was still in the store, shopping! She was immediately detained and arrested for indecent exposure and reckless behavior. She was fined several thousand dollars and received a lifetime ban from this retail establishment because she couldn’t be bothered to walk five minutes to a nearby shop to use the bathroom.

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