| Working | December 20, 2016

(I am at a “trendy” restaurant that seems to only hire very attractive and not-too-bright staff. I’m sitting in the restaurant with my family and the waitress comes up to refill my water glass. When she does she spills a lot of water on the floor.)

Waitress: “Oh! I ALWAYS do that.”

(She puts my glass down and walks off leaving the puddle of water on the floor. She returns several minutes later and the puddle is still there.)

Me: “Are you just going to leave that water there? Someone could slip on it.”

Waitress: *points at her shoes* “Oh, no one’s going to slip. We’re all required to wear non-slip shoes.”

Me: “You know you’re not the only one’s walking around in here. The customers aren’t necessarily wearing non-slip shoes.”

Waitress: “Oh…”

(She walked off and never returned to clean up the spill. It was still there when we left.)

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