H2-Slow To React

| Working | May 4, 2017

(It’s the last day in August, 1997. My mom is 9 months pregnant with me and has booked an appointment with the local hospital to get some blood-work done. As they are doing this…)

Mom: “I think my water broke.”

Nurse: “Nonsense, I would know if your water broke.”

Mom: “Isn’t the water gushing down my legs enough proof?”

(Indeed, by now the floor was soaked, as were my mom’s clothes.)

Nurse: “Well… I still don’t think your water broke.”

(My mom’s water had broken, of course, and I was born two weeks later, on September 12, a dry, very underweight baby. Both I and my mom nearly lost our lives. Thanks, nurse; your arrogance deserves a medal.)

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