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(I get a call on my office phone which I immediately know is a scammer, as the caller is asking about what type of printer model we have so they can send us toner. Our IT department handles this task, so our true supplier would never call us directly to ask for this information.)

Scammer: “Hi. This is [Scammer] from [Toner Company I’ve never heard of], and we’re ready to ship you your next set of toner cartridges; I just need to verify the brand and model of your printer.”

Me: *playing along* “Oh, I’m glad you called; we’re almost out of toner! One second while I go take a look at the printer. Give me a minute; it’s located at the other end of the corridor.”

Scammer: “Sure thing.”

(I put the call on hold, go about my work for about five minutes, and then pick the phone up again.)

Me: “Okay, sorry about the delay. It’s a Casio ID-10-T.”

Scammer: “Okay, so that’s a Casio ID-10-T, correct?”

Me: “That’s right!”

Scammer: *thinking out loud as he’s presumably entering it into his PC* “So, let’s see–” *sound of typing* ”That’s a Casio–” *more typing* “ID-10-T. Hmm, that doesn’t come up. Let me try entering it again.”

Me: *trying desperately to suppress my laughter*

Scammer: “A Casio ID-10-T. Oh, that’s funny; that makes the word ‘idiot.’”

Me: “Yup, it certainly does, you idiot!”

Scammer: “Wait, you stupid…”

Me: *click*

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