Gyros Are Getting Pricier

, , , , | Friendly | October 20, 2018

(My friend’s brother travels a lot for work and has for years. Whenever he pops back into town, he tells us all about it and also gets to vent about the stresses of traveling. Usually my friend’s kid, at this point nine years old, plays in the adjacent room with her toys while the grownups talk over coffee. We assume she’s not interested in that kind of stuff until one random day, a commercial for a well-known sandwich chain comes on TV…)

Commercial: *what my friend’s kid hears* “You can get 30 euros for 90 dollars.”

Kid: *long-suffering sigh* “Those currency exchange rates just keep getting worse and worse.”

(Once our laughter died down enough for us to breathe again, we explained to her what “gyros” were.)

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