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Gunning For Love

| Romantic | June 3, 2015

(My husband and I work together. Our office is in a building surrounded by retail stores that are often the subject of protests. These protests usually involve a huge inflatable rat placed outside the store and the protesters constantly blowing a police whistle, and intimidating and shouting abuse at the store employees and customers while passing out fliers. The loud noise often makes it difficult to concentrate while working, even all the way up on the 10th floor where our office is. One of these protests is taking place across the street from my office window, and my husband and I are watching.)

Husband: “Jeez. Why don’t the police stop this?”

Me: “I’m sure they have a permit, and they have every right in the world to do what they’re doing.”

(We continue watch the scene, and the inflatable rat swaying in the wind.)

Husband: *thoughtfully* “You know what I wish I had right now?”

Me: *without skipping a beat* “A BB gun.”

(He doesn’t respond, and I look over at him to find he’s staring at me with a huge grin and an expression of pride on his face.)

Husband: “That’s why I f****** love you.”

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