Gun-D***! I’ve Been Fooled!

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(This story was told by a friend of mine. He’s visiting a model shop where he’s a regular, and he’s chatting with the owner.)

Owner: “Have you heard of any issues with mispacking of [Popular Giant Robot Anime] models?”

Friend: “No, why?”

Owner: “Some of the boxes of [expensive grade] kits have turned out to have [large-scale version of lower-grade kit, that comes packed in a box the same size] in them.”

Friend: “Have you tried taping the boxes closed?”

(A week later, my friend visits again.)

Owner: “Some of the customers are complaining that taping the boxes closed devalues them.”

Friend: “And are these the people who normally buy [large-scale version of lower-grade kit]?”

Owner: “Yes.”

Friend: “And have you had any issues with mispacked kits since you started taping them up?”

Owner: “No.”

Friend: “You see, to stop an a**hole, you’ve got to think an a**hole.”

(And with that, the realisation of what certain customers had been doing dawned on the owner.)

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